Pharmacy services

pharmacy services

Specific services for the prevention of diseases and the care of your body are available at the Madonna Pellegrina Pharmacy.


Ongoing research allows us today to offer our customers the most modern instruments and techniques in self-analysis.

Here you can carry out self-analysis of your blood to detect the presence of diseases or control the course of a treatment as well as monitor your blood pressure. Special machinery allows you to analyse the health of your scalp and the onset or the presence of tricological problems; for people who suffer from hair loss, split ends, dandruff and greasy hair or check for nits and lice. Furthermore, it is possible to undergo skin tests to measure hydration, sebum levels, skin sensitivity, its pH level, and melanin level of tolerance to UV rays, elasticity, temperature, cellulitis and biological age.


Visit the page dedicated to SELF-ANALYSIS and discover all the tests that you can take.

We can help you save time, putting an end to lengthy waiting lists and you'll have the results of your tests directly from your doctor. Ask us how!

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