The pharmacy

Why place your trust in the Madonna Pellegrina Pharmacy in Novara?

Because experience is an important factor to consider when it comes to seeking out professionals for your personal health and physical appearance. Of all the pharmacies in Novara, the Madonna Pellegrina has been in the same family for over 50 years; three generations have handed down all their skills that the customer requires to their staff.


The business is managed by three partners and has eight employees. The team consists of six graduates, one expert in dermocosmetics and three entrusted with support work. Each one can respond to customer questions and therapeutic indications with precision and punctuality. The staff can handle any doubts regarding the correct use of homeopathic products, medicines and parapharmaceutical products and the professional beautician can guide customers in the selection of beauty and cosmetic products that most suit their needs.

Our Staff

Dr. Roberto Zavattaro

Head of Homeopathy, Phytotherapy, prescriptions, self-analysis

Dr. Jacopo Oldani

Director and Ethics Officer.

Cristina Borando

Warehouse manager, goods storage, in charge of cosmetics

Morena Pongan

Storekeeper, goods storage, Robot and medicine sell by date manager

Dott.Simone Ochetti

Dr. Irene Marelli

Laboratory Manager and Galenical and Magisterial Preparations.

Ms Ilaria Frisari


Ms Carmen Pongan

Head of cosmetics, warehouse

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